Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Eve. I’m still baking and trying to get everything ready. No need getting done before time, now, is there? A person might get to sit down and not be able to get up. 😉 My daughter and her husband are on the way home, but their big German Shepherd is having some problems so they’re making a run by the Emergency Vet. Watson is very dear to them, so I’m hoping the vet can make him feel better. He’s having navigation problems where his legs aren’t working right. Not a good thing.

As for the weather – last time I wrote the wind chill was minus some gosh awful number. Today it’s pouring the rain with temps in the fifties. That’s Kentucky weather for you. Plus they say it may change to snow before the night is over. Of course it will! Santa has to have snow for his sled.

Hope you are enjoying your Christmas Eve. This is my favorite holiday day of the year. A time for family and for kids’ anticipation as they wait for Christmas morning. A time to remember old traditions and to start new ones. A time to read the Christmas story and to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. The scholars don’t really think Jesus was born on December 25th, but that’s okay. He won’t mind us celebrating His birthday and the greatest gift on this day as long as we celebrate His love all year long.

Merry Christmas everybody.