Easter Blessings

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Happy Easter, everyone! What a great day to be in church with your family around you as we remember the empty tomb! As my preacher, Br. Fred says, Easter is the highlight of our Christian worship. Br. Fred has been preaching at Goshen for twenty plus years, but I never get tired of hearing his great sermons. He should have been preaching in a big church, but life circumstances led him to our little church and we’ve been blessed over the years to have him teaching and preaching the Bible to us. I know I’ve learned a lot and it stood me in good stead when I decided to write my Hollyhill books with one of the main characters a preacher. While my preacher can’t preach like Br. Fred, he does have the same love for preaching the Word.

Today was an extra nice day at church because both of my sons were there to worship with us along with their families. We packed two pews. Any of you remember back when we had revivals in the summer and the preacher would challenge the people in the church to pack a pew? I don’t do it every Sunday, but we managed today. My sons have three children each ranging in age from thirteen to almost two, and so I was surrounded by beautiful grandchildren. I hope you were too. If you’re old enough for grandkids. If not, I hope you were surrounded by loved ones of whatever age. Of course at our little church we claim every baby born into our church family as a church grandkid. We all take turns spoiling them.

We came home and had an Easter egg hunt out in the yard. That’s not an easy accomplishment with my big old dog and the neighbor dogs wanting to get in on the hunt too. But the kids found plenty of eggs with only a few ending up in the dogs’ mouths first. Those were quickly rejected by the granddaughters. Ooeuwie. (I don’t know how to spell that, but you get the idea.) My grandson loved it when the eggs he picked up rattled because that meant he’d found one with some coins in it.

So tonight I’m bushed after some marathon cooking sessions and getting up for Sunrise Service (and cooking for breakfast at church, too) and having fun playing with the kids. You know they don’t stay little long and a grandma has to make hay while the sun shines. And the sun was shining big time today.

I hope you had a blessed Easter too and are feeling as blessed as I am.