Snowy Sundays

Ann H Gabhart Ann's Posts, One Writer's Journal

It appears winter wasn’t quite through with us. Last Sunday was balmy. This Sunday snowy. Our church didn’t have services the same as about three-fourths of the churches in the area. And it just hasn’t seemed like Sunday without going to church to meet and worship with my church family. Actually due to the SC Book Festival and then going to WV to my son’s church last weekend, it’s now been three Sundays I haven’t been out to Goshen to see the “family.”

We do feel like a family there. That’s why I like going to a small church, and I’m really talking about a small church here. If we ever have 50, we say we had a crowd. If a big town church had 50, they’d panic. But for us 50 is good and 40 isn’t bad. While I’ve been going there since I married, we’ve averaged anywhere from 20 to 80. I can only remember a few years we brought in the 80. But older members can remember when that was the norm. They used to tell me how during revivals people stood on the outside and listened in through the open windows.

The church was established in 1812. So it’s been there a long time. I used my memories of Goshen as it was when I first started going there for my church in my Hollyhill books. It’s a good church and it’s sent out a lot of faithful members to other churches – people who grew up at Goshen and remember it fondly. At one time one of the men came early on a Sunday morning in the winter to build the fires in the two stoves on either side of the church. Now I don’t remember that far back. We had a furnace when I started going.

I told everybody Wednesday at Bible Study that I’d be back this morning the Lord willing and the creek didn’t rise. I guess I should have said if the snow doesn’t fall. But who expects 6 inches of snow on March 8th. Snow this time of year does make for good snowman material. I was sort of wishing I had some grandkids visiting so I’d have an excuse to go out and make a snowman. But they were sledding on other hills this weekend. I settled for a walk in the snow. It was beautiful yesterday afternoon – white and smooth. Pristine fields of white. Me and the dogs made short work of that. But then by the time we came back the wind was already wiping our footprints away.

Now today the sun melted most of the snow. That is the great thing about it snowing in March. It rarely lasts long. You have the snow to enjoy and then just like that it’s gone and you can start looking for crocuses again. I actually spotted some pretty yellow crocuses the other day, and the March flowers are trying to bloom. Spring is really coming. But you should have seen my bird feeder yesterday while the snow was still on. About a hundred birds were fighting for the seeds. Well, at least fifty. I counted fourteen cardinals. They look so pretty against the white snow.

I’m trying to get going on my new book. I’m still figuring out who everybody is. I want to have strong characters who readers will want to read about.

I’m planning an author event at the Anderson County Public Library on Sunday, April 13th at 2 p.m. I’m going to be talking about “Writing about Small Town, America in the Sixties.” We’re going to be doing some just for fun trivia about the Sixties and have some door prizes. I want it to be a fun afternoon for everybody. What trivia question would you ask about the Sixties? Even if you aren’t old enough to remember those olden days, you might still be interested in what went on then.

Hope you all have a great week and that next Sunday we’ll be enjoying some warmer Spring sunshine again. Next Sunday is my mom’s birthday. She’s the greatest and we love celebrating with her. But we’ll skip the candles. No need involving the fire department. Just kidding, Mom!

Signing off for now. Ann