March Winds are Blowing

Ann H Gabhart Ann's Posts, One Writer's Journal

Hey, it’s March, and it feels like it here today in Kentucky. Temps in the sixties and a nice strong March wind blowing. Of course, you know what they say in Kentucky. If you don’t like the weather just wait a little while and it’ll change. They say we’ll be having snow flurries by the time the cold front moves through tomorrow. You know, whatever the weather does, we’ll have to deal with it. May all the storms fly over top you.

I guess that’s what we always want. For the storms to miss us, but sometimes it’s in the storms of life that we grow stronger. Yet I don’t know anyone who wishes for storms of trouble or heartache. But you know, if we’re living in this world, those storms are going to be sure to come at times the same as we have thunderstorms and rain in our weather. The best way we can prepare for those storms is to have our lives securely anchored in our faith.

Still I shouldn’t look past the great sunshine and warm temps today and this weekend to the rain and clouds ahead. I should enjoy the precious present. I had some precious moments this weekend spending time with my son and his family in WV. Darrell and his group, The Patriots sang at our son’s church in WV on Sunday night and in New Matamoras, Ohio on Sunday morning. So I just jumped off the bus at my son’s home and spent the night with them. I have three beautiful granddaughters there to keep me smiling. And we were blessed with the sunshine so that we got to go to the park and play outside. Ashley, who’s almost five, really enjoyed riding the Patriots’ big old purple bus out to eat after the concert. I think she was ready to join the group and ride along every weekend. She’d certainly dress up the stage if she did. She’s got cute cornered. I think all my grandbabies do as I’m sure you do yours, too.

My website is pretty much ready to go now. I hope you find it easy to navigate and enjoy reading about my books. I’ll keep the events schedule updated for your information and maybe post some things on this blog as well.

Carrie from Beattyville won my book giveaway. Thanks to everyone who entered. I’ll be doing a new giveaway soon. Maybe for my new book, The Outsider, or perhaps a complete Hollyhill set now that all three books are out. Jocie was a fun character. I’m going to have an author’s event at my local library on Sunday afternoon April 13th. I think we’ll do some fun things about the sixties. I know some of you don’t remember those days since you hadn’t discovered America by then, but it’s still fun to find out how things used to be in Small Town, America.

One last note — Carrie who won my book, Summer of Joy, says her mother-in-law, Lorene, has ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). Keep her family in your prayers as they fight against this terrible disease. They’re facing some of those storms I was talking about earlier.

Hope you have lots of sunshine in your lives this week. Until next time, may you always know you are blessed.