Launching Summer of Joy and Beginning a New Book

Ann H Gabhart Ann's Posts, One Writer's Journal

We’ve been having some real Kentucky weather. Last week up to almost 70 degrees and then tornadoes and storms. This week windchills down to zero. It’s chilly out there. When I walked yesterday, I had to pull out my big coat. The one that’s so fluffy and thick that my arms stand out from my sides. I don’t pull out that heavy armor very often. I’m more the President Kennedy style. You remember how he never wore a coat? Of course a Secret Service man might have been holding his coat out of sight of the cameras.

My book launch is this Friday night. Might not be too good of scheduling since Thursday is Valentine’s Day, but maybe everybody will want a fun love story/family drama to give to his or her special someone. Summer of Joy is a fun story. I wanted it to vibrate with the joy of living. I guess you as readers will have to let me know if I was successful on that one.

I’m beginning on a new book. At last. I kept trying to get myself to do other stuff. Publicity type stuff. Store visits. Who knows what? But I have to be writing. I can surely clean out the closets another day. Surely. Of course I’ve been saying that for a few months now. One of these days I’m going to open the door to the closet and be buried under that pile of stuff I should have already carried off to Goodwill or the landfill. But I’ve got to write. I don’t have the same impulse about cleaning.

Next week I’ll be off to South Carolina to a book festival down there. I’m going to be on a couple of panels talking about Faith in Fiction and The Importance of Place across Genres. Both of those promise to be interesting and there will be some great writers on the panels with me. I’ll no doubt learn a lot. If you live in the area, check out all the fun on the South Carolina Book Festival website and come out and enjoy. They’ve got some big name writers coming to share their expertise and sign books. My daughter will be attending with me. She loves to read so she should have fun at the festival.

My youngest son, Daniel, had a birthday last Friday. There is no way my baby can be that old. I usually feel as if I’m about that age. I just don’t see how he caught up with me so quickly. 😉 But he’s a great person, a wonderful dad and husband and son, and I’m very proud of him. He wanted Snickerdoodles. Sort of an unusual birthday cake (cookies), but he and the kids enjoyed them, and we managed to stick on a few candles.

Hope all you guys have a loving Valentine’s Day. Remember God loves you and so do a lot of your Christian brothers and sisters. And writers like me always love readers like you. Ann