Blowing your own trumpet

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Well, it’s Monday again. Time to post some of my journal thoughts. Because I’ve been thinking about how I need to learn more about publicity and how to connect with readers, I’ll start out today with this little poem I came across in a quote book a few months back. It’s an old one by Sir William S. Gilbert.

If you wish in this world to advance
Your merits you’re bound to enhance.
You must stir it and stump it
And blow your own trumpet
Or trust me you haven’t a chance.

I’ve been trying to take that advice and do some stir and stumping, but to be honest I never could get much of a toot out of a trumpet. All my children played trumpet in their high school band although my daughter switched to flag girl at the first opportunity. But my boys liked the trumpet. They tried to teach me how to blow it, but I was a slow learner. Or maybe an uninterested one. Now my grandkids like blowing the conch shell I have that belonged to my great grandfather. I think they used it back when to call the hounds. Some of the grandkids can make the thing honk and call the hounds, but mostly they just make my dog howl.

Still it is true that sometimes a writer has to get out there and try to get noticed by readers. There are so many good books being published these days and so many other things to entice readers away from books. American Idol. The Super Bowl. (Wasn’t that fun? I was sort of rooting for the Patriots, but I like Eli Manning too and when he got away from the tacklers and threw that impossible pass down the field with a minute or so to go, it just looked as if it was his time to win.) But in spite of the many other things we can do to entertain ourselves, luckily a lot of people still enjoy picking up a book and being transported into another world. I know I do.

But back to stirring and stumping. My interview was posted on Novel Journey on Saturday. It was fun to answer the questions and even more fun to explore their site and read some of the other writers’ interviews. Made me want to go back and do some of my answers over. But I’m just me and I can’t be anybody else. I don’t really want to be anybody else. The Lord made me the way I am. Not that He doesn’t want me to do some improving. We all can do some improving each and every day. And I want to improve as a writer and part of that improvement is figuring out how to connect with more readers so the publishers will want to keep publishing my books.

I appreciate the comment, Rose, on my last post. Maybe I will leave the name the way it is for now. I’m still thinking of doing another blog, but then I might not be doing anything but blogging. And I’m ready to get going on a new story. I had to do the editing and such and then I wasn’t sure which direction to head. I thought I might even clean out some closets, but in the winter time? That just doesn’t seem right. What’s true, is that if I’m not writing something, I’m an unhappy camper who doesn’t care if the closets are cleaned out or not. How about you? Are all your closets neat with no clothes in them that you haven’t worn for five years? Or do you have a vintage collection of various styles and sizes, not to mention a few shoes that you will never wear again? My new website may be up by next week. I’m anxious to see how much better it will be now that I have somebody who knows what she’s doing working on it instead of me. Till next time. May you be blessed and feel loved. Always.Ann