Speeches and Book launch for Summer of Joy

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Finally got those galleys corrected and off to the editor. I’m hoping I made the story read better. I like to read books that don’t jar the reader away from the story because of awkward wording and so that’s the kind of book I want to write. I even sometimes read my final copy aloud so that my ear can catch what my eye missed. And then I still miss stuff. Like those too many stills.

I didn’t lose my voice and I was able to give my speech at the Anderson County Historical Society. I told them I was talking about the history of one Anderson County writer — me. That’s the only history I know well enough to talk about for very long. I like reading history, but I’m not exactly a sponge when it comes to facts and figures. I remember things that happened that I think might make a good story, but I wouldn’t want anybody quoting me. The temperatures plunged that night and we had windchill temps that sound scary when they talk about them on the radio and t.v., so the place wasn’t packed. But we still had a good time and the people asked lots of good questions. That’s what I like best about giving speeches. The question and answer time. I used to do a lot of school visits and kids could come up with the best questions. One thing most everybody always wants to know is how long does it take to write a book. And that’s not a one answer fits all. It’s according to the book and according to the writer and according to what else is going on in the world around the writer. Not to mention the level of inspiration. Some stories are harder to dig out of the brain than others.

I’m hoping to do more talks in the future. I’m coming up with some good motivational topics and of course, I’m always ready to talk about my writing. I’m doing one speech on “Where in the story of Jonah are you?” Another is “You didn’t mean me, did you, Lord?” But although I enjoy speaking, my first love is writing. I’m ready to get started on a new book.

I’m still not sure I’ve named this blog for the final time. I’ve changed the name three times already. I’m thinking about another name, but maybe I’ll wait another week and think more.

I went to Georgia last week with Darrell and his group, The Patriot Quartet. They had a couple of great concerts or singings as we’ve always called them in the Southern Gospel world. And the bus ride was long, but we had fun. Next trip for me is the South Carolina Book Fest in Columbia. But before that I’m having a book launch at the Corinth Bookstore in Frankfort, Kentucky. That’s a great store run by some great Christian people. Come by and see me on Friday, February 15 and get your copy of Summer of Joy autographed. Also my interview with Novel Journey will be posted February 2. http://www.noveljourney.blogspot.com/

Till next time, keep the faith and never, never forget the power of prayer. Ann