Colds, red noses and deadlines

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Hey everybody.

Hope you have all escaped the cold bug, but alas, I did not. Our preacher came down with something the week before Christmas and managed to pass it along to everybody in our church. We have a small congregation (average around 40) so it wasn’t exactly an epidemic, but there’s been a lot of coughing going on while he preaches ever since. I thought I’d gotten over it a week ago but no such luck. It came back with vengeance. So I went to the doctor. Not something I do often. I think it had been over a year since I’d gone to a doctor because I was sick. I usually just tough whatever it is out. But this time I gave up and decided I needed medicine. Then I get home and read in the paper where antibiotics or no other medicines help sinus infections a bit. But at least I feel as if I’m doing something to help get better. I don’t want to lose my voice. I’m supposed to give a speech Thursday. You think if I whisper, that will make everybody pay more attention? I’ve heard teachers say it works. And there’s always makeup for red noses. That lasts until the first time you have to blow your nose again. Oh well. They’re hometown folks so they’ll be kind. I hope.

I’m still working on my galley corrections for The Outsider. I thought I was through and then I remembered the editor asking me to check out all the many, many times I used the word still. I still don’t know how my mind could have gone on vacation and let me type still so often. Still, I do seem to like the word. It must have been my comfort word in this book. One other book it was the word just. So now I’m paying the price for my comfort zone and having to do some rewording. And I was sure I had it so perfect the first time. Well, actually not. I never think I have it perfect. I could probably rewrite till the cows came home and still (oops, there’s that word again) find things to change.

I got my new book, Summer of Joy. That’s exciting. Hope everybody else will be excited to read more about Jocie and family.

More next time.