Journal writing and my first dog, Ollie

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I’m figuring out what exactly I want to write about in my blog. I’ve been a journal writer forever, but that’s writing to myself. Now this may be writing to myself too, but it’s like leaving my journal open out on the kitchen table where anybody can read it. That might be okay. I’ve done some of my best writing in journals. How about you? Are you a journal writer? I could never keep one of those daily diaries because as a kid not enough exciting happened EVERY day. When I was a kid, didn’t much exciting happen any day. I grew up in the country and we pretty much stayed close to home and had to spend a lot of time doing chores. But I did get to read a lot. Oh, the joys of reading. And thank goodness and the Lord for libraries. Also I loved walking on the farm so it wasn’t so bad.

Plus I got to have a dog. I’m a dog lover for sure. I don’t want to ever not have a dog. My first dog was a shepherd spitz mix. I named him Ollie after the man who gave him to me. He and my father raised tobacco together and I guess I’d talked about how much I wanted a dog while we were stripping tobacco. I was maybe ten. Without a doubt that was the best present anyone ever gave me, so I thought it was an honor to name the dog after him. I’m not sure he agreed, but he was a good sport about it. Ollie was a good dog, but not overly friendly. When I started dating, I had to run out and chain him up or he tried to bite my dates. Maybe my dad was training him while I was at school.

Dogs are the best friends.